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Bizness Inc.’s BizSAS Online Donation Management Systems is easy to cost justify. Along with a full E-Commerce system, the Web Donation Management System lets you collect one-time and recurring monthly donations designating them to a budget. The Event Management System lets you track internal and external events even allowing registration monies to be collected on the web!

Bizness Inc Donation Management and Event Registration SystemBizness Inc.’s BizSAS (Sales Administration System)  With the Web Donation Management module is the solution for small and large organizations. Now you can receive one-time donations and recurring monthly donations automatically after just setting them up once.  Donate buttons are added to your web site to let donors give on-line.   Small organizations can do budgets for the 1 country they operate out of.  Large organizations, that have offices in multiple countries, can budget by country and year.  Donations can be summarized by country and year and can have designations based on the request of the donor.  Event Management lets you track internal events and external events that are large and require attendance verification.  Attendance can be checked on the web and event web reports can be printed off at users local printer for event instructions and directions.  Financial requirements for events can be tracked by attendee. 


BizSAS (with the Web Donation Management Module) is the solution of choice and produces standard HTML reports (such as material orders for buyers to see) which are supported in web browsers and Windows Mobile Devices/IPhones world wide without the need for any other web reporting software. BizSAS E-Commerce software solution can help you boost sales by allowing your product (or material) and image information to be shown world wide and for buyers to shop on-line.   Donations can easily be handled on the internet allowing the donor to print off their donation report on their local printer within minutes after they have donated. The administration section of BizSAS lets you:   handle all the donation management data, event management including attendee registrations on the web collecting applicable registration fees online, and E-Commerce management (enter or change product/material information on the fly,  set up sales tax rates, volume discounts, courier types, packaging weight calculations and shipping costs, inventory management, sales tax submissions). Set up is a breeze with the Initial Setup Workflow taking you a through a set of screens in a certain order.  Posting of account transactions to an external accounting system, archiving, event registration, donation accounts and designations are just a few of the great features of this Web Donation Management System .    


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