Online Donation Software Benefits

There are so many benefits of this BizSAS Online Donation Shopping Card Budget/Event Management System as you see below. Reach new markets.  Increase your sales.  Small businesses or home businesses can use the In-Store sales feature to sell in your book store for walk in clients which zeros out the shipping charges saving you more money since you dont need to buy a card swipe device     It has interfaces to PayPal and QuickBooks!  It is a full feature rich E-Commerce System that is easy to use and is for small or large firms .

Bizness Inc. BizSAS Online Donation, Shopping Cart, Budget and Event Registration Management Software includes the following:

Bizness Inc.’s BizSAS Donation Management System helps you receive one time and monthly recurring donations on the web as well as collect event registrations!  It has interfaces to PayPal and QuickBooks! BizSAS has so many benefits:

BizSAS eCommerce with Donation/Event Management  Benefits

BENEFITS:  Receive Donations From New Donors. By placing a Donate Button on your web page or other people’s web pages for the community you live in, try to capture donations from your community.  Of course church members will find this helpful when they are away for periods of time on vacation since they can give to you where ever they are in the world. The donor is also allowed to give donation destinations that match up to your budget.

BENEFITS:  Manage Budgets.  Budgets accounts are set up which make up a budget.  You create a budget each year and then can match projected to actuals.  All donations can hav donation destinations that can match up to a budget item so that you Budget report stays current on incoming donations.

BENEFITS:  Use special IN-STORE password feature to zero out shipping costs for sale made in stores such as your Book Store.  Use the full featured eCommerce System to show the world your material and let them purchased it.  Shipping costs are calculated automatically based on weight, courier selected, shipping source and shipping destination.

BENEFITS:  Recurring Donations.  This system lets the donor choose monthly donations.  This donation comes off their credit card or PayPal on the same day each month and continues until they or you (based on their request) cancels it.  The donor is also allowed to give donation destinations that match up to your budget.

BENEFITS:  Collect Event Money of Event Registrations. Avoid the headaches of trying to figure out who is attending for what event and how to communicate that by using this product on the web. Allow people to register for internal or external events and even have event categories such as Couples, Teens, Adults, Men, Women or All. Allow event reports for directions and information to be show on the web. Allow event attendee reports to show confirmed attendees. Track registration fees for those events that have early sign ups or group rates. Events can be internal or external.  External events can require event registration with some meal options also.  Let attendees see the event on the web, print off the event with directions and register for the event with their credit card.  Event reports can show you attendee confirmations of: Needs Reply, Yes, No or Payment Required.

BENEFITS:  Sell WorldWide.  By placing a search text box on your home page, people can do a search for material you offer.  It is easy for them to place an order with you and they can pay for it with their credit card or PayPal account.  You set of the terms of shipping and when the orders will be completed,  You set up images and descriptions of items you want to sell.  Configurations can be for 1 shipping location total, or 1 shipping location per country(global license).  The global license lets you track sales, sales tax, inventory, budges all by country including posting to an external accounting system (like QuickBooks) by country.  BizSAS includes volume discounts, internet coupons, automatic shipping costs calculations based on weight, courier selections, and sales tax tracking. It supports in store sales for Bookstore in the organization that do not charge shipping as the client walks out with the purchase.

BENEFITS:  Alerts/Admin System.  Your own private Administration System lets you see all donations, donation destinations, sales, events, budgets, and even alerts.  Alerts are key indicators of things you should watch for such as actions to take on sales, etc.

BENEFITS:  Great Reporting.  Online Donation Reports No need to send donation receipts out since donor has an account to see all donations on line and can print off the yearly donation report locally. It creates drill down dynamic web decision support reports that are printable from the users local printer with NO NEED for more Web Report Software since reports are standard HTML. If you click on the “Email Me This” button on the web report, you can get the exact same web report INSIDE the email with NO FILE ATTACHMENTS. This is beneficial so you wont have any attachments with your email that can be scrubbed off by someone’s virus scanning system.



1) Add Donate buttons off Home page and manage internet credit card/PayPal donations as well as donations received in the paper mail.  Automatically create a private internet account for donors to see their donations and print off their donation reports from anywhere in the world.

2) Provide budgeting and allow budget destinations for each donation.  Auto update donations to current year’s budget and allow Budgets to match up total BUDGETED Revenue and Expenses to total ACTUAL Revenue and Expenses for each year and for each country.

3) Promote specials.  Increase sales of products/teaching/information material using E-Commerce.  Use the internet to provide product images, up to date pricing and electronic order forms to allow intnernet users to purchase by money order, credit card, PayPal or whatever payment methods you allow.

4) Standardize their sales and donation management systems and have an architecture that supports web browsers and pocket PCs since the cost of pocket Pcs keeps coming down making them a tool to look at small reports.  Allow internal events to be shown internally and external events to be shown on the internet for registration.  Provide donation management reports in a secured private account for donors to web browsers/pocket PCs world wide.



BizSAS (with the Donation Management Module) is the solution for you as it provides answers to the above 4 points and produces standard HTML reports (such as sales orders for buyers to see) which are supported in web browsers and pocket PCs world wide without the need for any other web reporting software. BizSAS E-Commerce software solution can help you boost sales by allowing your product and image information to be shown world wide and for buyers to shop on line with their credit card and purchase your products.   Donations can easily be handled on the internet allowing the donor to print off their donation report on their local printer within minutes after they have donated. The administration section of BizSAS lets you handle all the donation management data as well as enter or change product information on the fly, set up sales tax rates, volume discounts, courier types, packaging weight calculations and shipping costs, inventory management, sales tax management, posting of account transactions to an external accounting system and a whole host of more features.  Click on the Seach menu button to the left to view some sample products that are set up for testing and see a report that would be sent to you and your buyers through out the order handling process. 

Bizness Inc. recorded live screen shots of over 70 steps broken down into 2 minute training videos to get clients up to speed quickly on a system.  Html Documentation as well as customizable screen documentation was added for all systems to clients can get help quickly on a particular screen. Topic help index screen was added to all system so clients can look up a topic an get help on the logic of the system. Bizness Inc has world class software and allows its products to be purchased in modules for clients to use only what they need. Bizness Inc. designs its systems for international use with help, screen text and combo box drop down text to be stored in the database for new languages to be easily incorporated. Bizness Inc. added Archiving to all systems as well as an Interfacing to Accounting Systems.  I t provides XML or QuickBooks format files when posting to update your QuickBooks Accounting Software or to interface to other External Accounting Systems.     Bizness Inc. uses all the latest security in all their systems to protect corporate data and block intruders as well a SSL and credible E-Merchant Gateways for secure credit card authorizations and transactions with automatic back end mail and alert systems.  Bizness Inc white cards all it sofware(makes it like your own corporate application)  meaning the following benefits to you: 1)  All screens and menu buttons can be your corporate colors.  You also choose the font size of screens at set up time. 2)   Your corporate logo is added to the top of each screen and report 3)   Your corporate caption can be added as a footer to all screens and updated in the Admin system at any time 4)   Help can be customized at any time with your additions since it is stored in the database 5)   System Generated Emails can be customized at any time with your additions since they are stored in the database