Email Configurations!
We not only help you get set up on a hosting plan and SSL certificate (for security) but we provide 50 email ids for you with your domain in the email id extension to look like a professional corporation. We can set up,, emails to automatically forward to you or someone else in your firm!
Promote Your Site
 We give you a full free page ad that you can edit as often as desired. This full page ad has your logo, product image special and keyword links that all have hyperlinks to your web site. This full page ad is found on over 20 business directories and blog sites and can be found by the major search engines like Google!
Drill Down Decision Support Web Reports
 The reports you set for internal or external users are done quickly with the auto report feature. Once the report is set up then the user assigns access to the users or user groups allowed to view the report. When the user logs in to view their report, the data is filtered by the users login id so they only see data relevant to them. The reports can be a standard report or a drill down report ‘n’ levels deep
Report Filtering
 The user has the option to custom build the report with the columns they want to see on the report with font sizes and colors they set as well as having a view for their desk top and one for this mobile devices. The Report Filters screen lets them filter on fields as well as date filters than can move with the current data to look at daily reports. All reports are html so they can be viewed on browsers world wide and printed off the local printer.
We Grow With You
 If you are a small operation start off with the Service 1 pricing plan to get started. This means you only ship out of 1 location in 1 country but you can still ship to international locations and receive donations from all locations. As you grow to have another office outside you main office, you can upgrade to the Level 2 or Level 3 plan with no effort since the database is already in place for you. International features lets you ship from a location in every country in the world that supports an interface to from PayPal account to your local bank account in that country. Track inventory, donations, budgets, events and even sales tax by country. Report by country also!